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Sponsored positions on buyers’ guides and technical reviews ensure your product is seen by buyers actively researching B2B tech solutions.


Targeted placement

Sponsor positions on high performing “Top 10” buyers guides


Technical reviews

Commission technical reviews by our team of B2B cloud technology experts


Product leadership

Position your product above competitors and have call-to-actions placed on product comparisons


The content that Expert Insights produces is phenomenal

“To be able to generate demand in core regions is really important for us, and that's something we've been able to achieve with Expert Insights. It's the collaboration, the continuous engagement, and working with the Expert Insights team to identify new strategies.”

Sawsan Hamawandy Head of Global Demand Generation at Heimdal Security

Generate high performing sales leads for your products via Expert Insights content


“Top 10” guides

High quality Top 10 guides that achieve top positions in organic Google search


Technical product reviews

Detailed, independent technical product reviews covering strengths and weaknesses


Interviews & podcasts

Insights from leading experts from across the cybersecurity landscape


Blogs, guides & resources

In-depth, expert guides to improve industry knowledge and awareness of trends

Get new, relevant eyes on your business

Get new, relevant eyes
on your business

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