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“We Billed Over $41,000 USD In Closed Sales During A Ten-Week Campaign. We Have Never Seen Results Like It From An Analyst Site.”

Campaign Manager,


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Key campaign metrics over 10 weeks:

75 MQLs

75 MQLs worth over $350,00 USD in deal value, with over 30,145 total users.

40 SQLs

40 sales qualified leads worth over $200,000 USD in sales pipeline.

$41,000 USD

Over $41,000 USD deal value closed in the first 10 weeks of campaign.

168%+ ROI

CloudAlly made a 168% return on their campaign investment over 10 weeks.

"Between the content on the site and their rankings for high-intent serach terms Expert Insights has helped us reach our ideal customer. Expert Insights prospects have a higher need and a shorter sales cycle. The writers on the site are highly skilled."

Parker Byrd

Hook Security

"Expert Insights definitely has the highest close ratio and best quality of leads that we get from any other paid sponsored listing-type channel.  The conversion rates are between 20 and 25%. We’ve gotten over 800K worth of opportunities from Expert Insights, and we've closed one just under 200K. Plus, there are still open opportunities; there was an additional 500K in opportunities for a future date." Read More

Alex Marz


"Our engagement reports and customer conversations reveal that a significant number of businesses have been introduced to email security... through Expert Insights.  I believe we’ve successfully achieved our objectives, and the key to this success lies in Expert Insights being a leader with very high-quality content." Read More

Anush Yolyan


"Expert Insights’ “best of” lists are a key driver for our brand awareness and organic search KPIs. Additionally, we’ve seen a positive impact in SEO. The Expert Insights’ team has been wonderful to work with over the last few years." Read More

Corporate Marketing Manager


"Because Expert Insights’ traffic is highly targeted — we've seen high-quality traffic to our website and we are generating leads. It's not just the listings; it's the collaboration, the continuous engagement." Read More

Head of Global Demand Generation

Heimdal Security

“Expert Insights is a wonderful team. The education you provide to clients has been invaluable.”

Analyst And Market Research Manager

Ping Identity

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