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The Expert Insights Podcast

The Experts Insights Podcast brings you insights and knowledge from cybersecurity and B2B technology experts.

Each episode, we conduct in-depth interviews with top leaders from leading B2B cybersecurity vendors, practitioners and teams. Guests include CEOs, Directors, CISOs and more from innovative cybersecurity companies.

We dive deep into the cybersecurity issues and trends that matter to your business.

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26. John Bennett

CEO, Dashlane

Aug 22 | 26 mins

John Bennett, CEO of Dashlane, discusses what a future without passwords might look like.

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25. Stephan Jou

CTO of Security Analytics at OpenText Cybersecurity

Aug 15 | 22 mins

Stephan Jou, CTO of Security Analytics at OpenText Cybersecurity, discusses the ethical and security risks associated with AI.

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24. Deepen Desai

Global CISO and Head Of Security Research and Operations, Zscaler

Aug 10 | 25 mins

Deepen Desai On The Surge In Ransomware Attacks, And How You Can Keep Your Team Protected.

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23. Andrei Hinodache

Cybersecurity Solutions Expert, Heimdal

Jul 11 | 24 mins

Andrei Hinodache On XDR As The Answer To Unified Security, How The Threat Landscape Is Likely To Evolve In The Near Future, And Why XDR Isn’t Just A Buzzword.

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22. Avi Shua

Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder, Orca Security

Jul 5 | 15 mins

Avi Shua On The Power Of Unified Cloud-Native Security And How The Threat Landscape Will Evolve As We Move Further Into 2023 And Beyond.

Episode Featured

21. Eric Williams

Senior Sales Engineer, HID Global

Jun 27 | 17 mins

Eric Williams On How Passwordless Authentication Can Protect Accounts And Improve User Experience.