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The Expert Insights Podcast

The Experts Insights Podcast brings you insights and knowledge from cybersecurity and B2B technology experts.

Each episode, we conduct in-depth interviews with top leaders from leading B2B cybersecurity vendors, practitioners and teams. Guests include CEOs, Directors, CISOs and more from innovative cybersecurity companies.

We dive deep into the cybersecurity issues and trends that matter to your business.

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8. John Grancarich

EVP of Strategy, Fortra

May 5 | 16 mins

John Grancarich On The Evolution Of The Threat Landscape, How Security Providers Need To Pivot, And How HelpSystems Became Fortra.

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7. Deepen Desai

Global CISO and Head Of Security Research and Operations, Zscaler

May 5 | 20 mins

Deepen Desai On Zscaler’s Holistic Security Approach, Phishing Trends, And Putting Zero Trust Into Practice.

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6. Kumar Ramachandran

SVP for SASE, Palo Alto Networks

May 5 | 19 mins

Kumar Ramachandran On How AI Is Transforming Network Security, And What The Future Of AI Might Look Like.

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5. Pavel Gurvich

SVP and General Manager, Akamai’s Enterprise Security

May 5 | 18 mins

Pavel Gurvich On Cybersecurity Challenges, Akamai's Microsegmentation Platform, And How Cyber-Criminals Are Responding To Zero Trust.

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4. Chris Meenan

VP of Security Product Management, IBM Security

May 5 | 19 mins

Chris Meenan On The Roles Of AI And Open Source Technologies In The Future Of Cybersecurity.

Episode Featured

3. Trey Guinn

Field Technology Officer, Cloudflare

Apr 26 | 17 mins

Trey Guinn On Cyber-Warfare In Ukraine, The Evolution Of DDoS, And The Pressure On Security Teams To Do More, With Less.