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Case Study: EasyDMARC

<span class="author-name">Joel Witts</span>

Joel Witts

Content Director

EasyDMARC, a cloud-native B2B SaaS, addresses email security and deliverability challenges for small, medium, and enterprise customers. It also offers a multi-tenant DMARC management platform tailored for MSPs that comes with sales and marketing enablement.

In the past year, the company initiated a partnership with Expert Insights to execute a lead generation campaign, successfully connecting with high-quality leads. Throughout this collaboration, EasyDMARC achieved three key objectives: enhancing brand visibility, engaging with the target audience, and educating customers.

What were your objectives when initially beginning your campaign with Expert Insights?

Our primary goals were threefold. Firstly, we aimed to boost our brand visibility. Secondly, we wanted to connect with our target audience, and thirdly, we seeked to contribute to customer education and enhance their awareness of email security.

The reason we are so much satisfied with the results is that Expert Insights serves as a thought leadership platform, offering high-quality content. This resonates well with our mission to promote cybersecurity awareness, making their platform an ideal fit for our goals. 

How has Expert Insights helped your business to meet these objectives?

Our engagement reports and customer conversations reveal that a significant number of businesses have been introduced to email security, including email authentication protocols DMARC, SPF and DKIM, through Expert Insights. 

I believe we’ve successfully achieved our objectives, and the key to this success lies in Expert Insights being a leader with very high-quality content. It’s no surprise that, as an audience-driven platform, Expert Insights’ content is acknowledged not only by users but also by search engines.

How have you seen your brand visibility and customer engagement grow throughout this partnership?

I can tell that your readers are from different sectors, industries, and customer segments.

We get enterprise customers who come to us because they have learned about EasyDMARC from your platform. We also get MSPs, and MSSPs who have heard about us from Expert Insights. 

When I check the customer feedback and the UTMs, we’re getting a good number of leads from Expert Insights on a monthly basis. This has been increasing steadily since the beginning of our cooperation one and a half years ago.

In your opinion, what sets Expert Insights apart from other demand gen campaigns you are running?

I think your commitment to quality is what sets you apart from other platforms. I often check into your website when I need some recommendations because I know your information is unbiased.

What sets you apart even further is the unbiased nature of your competitions and awards, which are based on honest customer feedback and expert reviews. 

This is very valuable for us as at EasyDMARC, we prioritize organic results over artificial numbers.  And our approaches are well aligned in this respect.

Finally, you have a very professional team, and working together makes this collaboration even more enjoyable.

Would you recommend Expert Insights to colleagues or partners?

I would recommend Expert Insights to anyone looking for a well-curated platform to boost brand visibility and engage with their target audience.

Do you have anything else to add about working with Expert Insights?

Working with Expert Insights has been a pleasure for us. Your professionalism and commitment to creating a valuable experience for both businesses and customers make you our preferred partner in our overall marketing strategy, and I want to express my gratitude for that.

Written by:

<span class="author-name">Joel Witts</span>

Joel Witts

Content Director

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