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5 Tips For Building Better Landing Pages

<span class="author-name">Mirren McDade</span>

Mirren McDade

Journalist & Content Writer

Landing pages are the final step in the customer journey, designed with a singular focus – to get the user to fill in the form and share their contact details.

But landing pages are difficult to get right. The average landing page gets a conversation rate of 2.35% – but the best pages will have a conversation rate of 10% or more. Achieving this takes a lot of work, but it can pay massive dividends in the form of more conversions, more leads and more sales. 

In this article, we will discuss five tips for improving your landing pages and increasing your chances of effectively converting site visitors into leads. 

We know first-hand how following these steps can improve conversion rates – these tips come from what we have seen works to improve performance for the landing pages on our lead generation platform.

Tip 1: Create A Clear And Concise Headline

This is your first opportunity to grab your readers’ attention, so it’s important to make it a good one!

A headline that drives an action is more likely to engage your audience. One that is overly complex or at all misleading runs the risk of making them lose interest and click away. 

There are two questions you should ask when creating your headline::

Is it clear? Make sure your headline is a short snappy summary of the information following it, and resist the urge to be overly vague, ambiguous, or dance around the topic with unnecessary metaphors. 

Is it concise? A concise headline is more digestible, meaning it is more likely to be remembered, talked about, and shared. Concise headlines are also beneficial as they are good for SEO and tend to have higher search engine rankings, higher volumes of traffic, and stronger engagement.

Tip 2: Use A Clear Layout

Once people are hooked in by your heading, you’ll want to keep their attention by ensuring the layout of your landing page is not overly cluttered, unpolished, or difficult to follow. Remember to consider the user journey – the landing page should be the last logical step in the path and not take users off to other pages. 

Some top tips for improving layout to drive conversions include:

Have some brief copy on the left, with a form on the right to keep the user action clear and the layout simple.

Don’t have too much information below the fold, keep things tight with a case study and key information.

Consider removing navigation buttons in the header or footer – this ensures people stay on the landing page and completes the form.

Keep forms simple – only include essential fields your sales team needs to follow up an actions. 

Tip 3: Include A Case Study

There are few sales techniques more convincing than evidence that someone else has found success with your product. Use a case study to demonstrate the value you are offering. Showcasing satisfied customers will drive more credibility than you talking about how great your own product or service is.

Case studies are also useful for highlighting the challenges your customers are facing and following them up with how your solution works to solve them. This form of storytelling is very persuasive and can help to assure prospective customers that they could experience a similar happy ending, effectively boosting conversions and improving customer acquisitions. 

Awards, customer logos, and partner brands can also go a long way to improving credibility for your product and boosting conversion rates.

Tip 4: Optimize Your Content

Fully optimized content and CTA is an important step in improving conversion rates and form fills. No matter how beautiful your landing page looks, it is the content that ultimately converts those interested visitors.

When crafting content for your landing page, consider using ‘you’ instead of ‘we’ where you can. Avoid using passive phrasing and instead be sure to use active, engaging terminology that empowers users to act. Avoid putting multiple offers on your landing page, as this could decrease conversions by up to 266%. Be as clear as possible about what users should expect when they fill out your form and ensure you deliver on it. And ask yourself the following questions:

What is the goal of your content? It’s important to not lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish, and since different goals require different approaches, it is important to have a solid idea of what you want (do you want to gather email addresses? Convey information about upcoming events? Sell a product?) so you can plan accordingly.

Who is my audience? Without a clear understanding of your target audience, you could be sending out entirely the wrong message and end up getting very little response back. To create high-converting landing page content, you should tailor the content to those you want – and expect – to see it.

Tip 5: Test And Optimize Your Landing Pages

The best way to improve your landing pages is to test and optimize them. In fact, targeting and testing correctly has the potential to boost your conversions by a whopping 300%, or even more. 

Find out what’s working and what’s putting people off by analyzing where your traffic is coming from and how visitors to your page behave. Tools like Google Analytics allow you to track the source, medium, and campaign of your visitors, as well as the time spent on your page, the bounce rate, and the exit rate. These metrics help you to identify what on your landing page is working well. 

Speed of loading is a particularly vital metric to measure. We are all so used to navigating the internet at great speeds we can’t help but associate things like slow loading times with a lack of professionalism and become easily frustrated by the wait. In fact, just a 1% delay in loading can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. 

Once you’ve established a baseline in your metrics you can start to A/B test improvements to maximize page performance. Test different elements one at a time to see which approaches work best to improve your conversion rates.

Get Started With Expert Insights

By following these tips, you can begin to craft landing pages that really get results. If you are looking for more information on how to generate B2B tech leads, contact Expert Insights.

We can help boost conversions and get your landing pages in front of thousands of monthly B2B tech buyers, and help you to optimize campaign landing pages over the course of our campaigns.

To drive more site visits, product demos, trials, and closed sales, contact our team today.

Written by:

<span class="author-name">Mirren McDade</span>

Mirren McDade

Journalist & Content Writer

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