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Case Study: Trustifi

<span class="author-name">Joel Witts</span>

Joel Witts

Content Director

Trustifi is an innovative email security provider specializing in protecting against threats like phishing, account takeovers, and email-delivered malware. 

Trustifi partnered with Expert Insights in 2021 with the key goals of improving brand awareness and generating genuine sales enquiries. 

Trustifi sponsor positions on Top 10 articles, which gives them CTA buttons to drive traffic to their landing pages. This drives enquiries with a high conversion rate, generating a positive ROI for the campaign. 

The Expert Insights campaign also boosts brand visibility and Google search performance – Trustifi now commonly appears on other lists and in Google searches for ”email security solutions”. 

In this article, Alex Marz, Marketing Director at Trustifi, shares his insights into the campaign’s performance. 

Expert Insights Campaign Highlights

  • Trustifi generated 136 leads in 2023 YTD
  • Trustifi have closed over $800,000 USD worth of opportunities
  • One sale alone was worth over $200,000 USD
  • The campaign’s conversion rates are between 20% and 25% 

How has the Expert Insights campaign performed?

Expert Insights definitely has the highest close ratio and best quality of leads that we get from any other paid sponsored listing-type channel. 

The conversion rates are between 20 and 25%. We’ve gotten over 800K worth of opportunities from Expert Insights, and we’ve closed one just under 200K. Plus, there are still open opportunities; there was an additional 500K in opportunities for a future date.

So, I’m definitely looking forward to being able to advertise in other places [on Expert Insights] or increase our positions and in certain listings as well.

How does Expert Insights compare with similar platforms?

Well, to be honest, there really aren’t that many other paid listings that are like yours specifically. We’ve done some other ones that were similar to some extent, but we ended up wasting so much money.

We’ve also been doing some LinkedIn campaigns with these cyber security groups where the call to action is to send to our site. We have only had a few opportunities with [the Linkedin group]. After getting hundreds of leads, the lead to opportunity ratio is very low, but we ended up closing one big lead recently that meant the whole thing ended up worth it. It’s not something where you can guarantee to have a constant flow of leads throughout the year that each have real opportunities built on them.

Is there anything you’d like to see Expert Insights do differently?

No, I think you guys have a good thing going.

The reporting is timely every month, you know to expect the reporting, and in terms of support, you guys are always available. Any time we need anything, we’re able to get a call within the week. That’s been great as well.

And whenever you see a lead that that come in that that fits our criteria, you do pass them over to us, which is really helpful as well.

Written by:

<span class="author-name">Joel Witts</span>

Joel Witts

Content Director

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