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The Best Performing CTAs Of 2023 So Far

<span class="author-name">Joel Witts</span>

Joel Witts

Content Director

Finding a kick-ass CTA that really works can take a lot of time, requiring A/B testing, fine-tuning, and multiple iterations. Here at Expert Insights, we work with market leading cloud IT providers who generate sales leads through our B2B research platform. Good CTAs are critical for the success of our campaigns – and today we can share some data on what works best and why. 

In this article, we’ll cover the best performing CTAs in 2023 that we’ve seen so far. This is primarily based on click through rate, so you can uncover the best call-to-actions to get more site visits, product demos, trials provisioned, and sales closed.

5. Learn More

Learn More is a classic CTA. It prompts users to engage further and find out more about your product or service. The strength of this call-to-action is that it is widely applicable to capture users interested in learning more about your solution, without the pressure of signing up for a download or trial, maximizing site traffic and click-throughs. The downside is that users who click this button are often further up the buying funnel and may be less likely to fill in a form or contact your sales team. This is a great choice for capturing higher funnel users, and for enterprise focused sales with a more considered buying cycle.

Example CTAs:

  • Learn More
  • See Feature Breakdown
  • Request Info
  • Read More
  • Why Us?

4. Get Started 

Get Started as a CTA is direct, clear, and simple. Users know by clicking on this link they will be able to move ahead with your solution. Some marketeers take this further, becoming more direct with CTAs such as Buy Now, or Switch To Us; punchy copy that encourages users to make a quick decision to buy. This CTA isn’t relevant for all solutions – some enterprise solutions cannot be started or purchased with a simple credit card transaction online. But for digital solutions that have a quick buying process, this works as a great prompt to action.

Example CTAs:

  • Get Started Now
  • Switch To Us
  • Start For Free
  • Buy Now
  • Choose Us

3. Free Offer

Offering a free service or tool can be a powerful way to encourage click-throughs and conversions from users. Free trials are a common offer, but offering a free tool or service can be an effective way to encourage users to use your solution. They can then create an account on your platform, contact your team, and learn more about your services. This CTA works well for online digital purchases, but also for enterprise services, where a free service or tool can give you credibility and leverage to encourage teams to use your service over a competitor.

Example CTAs

  • Free Training
  • Free Network Scan
  • Free Risk Assessment

2. Pricing / Quote 

Pricing and quote requests are one of the most popular CTAs used on our site. This CTA is particularly useful in the enterprise cloud technology sales sector where pricing is often based on custom information such as user numbers and industry. Quote and pricing CTAs generate high engagement, influence engaged users to buy, and are a great way to generate sales enquiries. The only downside with the pricing / quote approach is that users are again sometimes further back in the buying cycle and may be looking for comparative pricing information. Nevertheless, this is an extremely well-performing CTA for many of our users.

Example CTAs:

  • Get A Quote
  • Get Pricing
  • View Pricing
  • Request A Quote

1. Discounts

Discounts create a sense of urgency and action – they tell users that a deal is available, and encourage them to take it now, before it is off the table. Again, this CTA is very much suited to online sales in which users can purchase the package and solution online and check out themselves, rather than considered enterprise services. But for the right product, this CTA can be exceptionally high performing, which is why it takes the top spot on our list for best performing average conversion rate.

Example CTAs

  • Get 20% Off Now
  • Claim Exclusive Offer
  • Claim Discount

Get Started With Expert Insights

Now that we’ve identified the top-performing CTAs for 2023, it’s time to start strategizing your campaigns to maximize engagement and lead generation. At Expert Insights, we specialize in helping B2B IT cloud software buyers by connecting them with the industry’s best providers through our research platform.

To drive more site visits, product demos, trials, and closed sales, contact our team today.

Written by:

<span class="author-name">Joel Witts</span>

Joel Witts

Content Director

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